• Is Pulse Education Services a registered company?
  • Yes. We are registered with the Department of Trade and Industries. Our company registration number is CK 1997/066829/23.

  • For how long is the company been in existence?
  • Pulse Education Services has been in existence for 16 years and has been operating for 15 years.

  • Have all your publications been screened and approved by the National Department of Basic Education (DBE)?
  • All our Textbooks for Learners and their relevant Teacher’s Guides have been screened and approved by the National Department of Basic Education (DBE). As such, all these Textbooks and relevant Teacher’s Guides are on the National Catalogue and on the catalogues of the various provinces.

    At present, the DBE has no provision for the screening and approval of study guides and workbooks.

  • Can we order the publications directly from you or must we place our orders through a bookshop/textbook supplier?
  • You may choose to order directly from us or from your local bookshop or supplier. If you elect to order directly from us you may use method (a) or (b) described below:

    • (a) Complete and send the “Request for Quotation” form appearing in the “Ordering” section of this web-site.

    • OR

      (b) Fax your “Request for Quotation”  to 031 269 2060 or 086 556 6303 with the following information:

      • your school’s name, telephone number, postal address and postal code as well as your school’s  street address and postal code

      • your name and cell number.

        Whether you use method (a) or (b) above, we will send you a fax or email with the full price and banking details. As soon as we get your proof of payment, we will send the books to you, either by post or courier, depending on the size of your order.

  • The topic “Human Impact on the Environment: Current Crises for Human Surival” is exactly the same in the Grade 11 book and the Grade 12 book. Why?
  • This topic will be examined in Grade 11 as well as in Grade 12.

  • According to your book the topic “Meiosis” appears in Paper 1 and Paper 2 for Grade 12. Is this correct?
  • Yes, this correct. It appears in Paper 1 because it is related to the Paper 1 topics “Reproduction” and “Human Reproduction”. It appears in Paper 2 since it is related to the Paper 2 topics “Genetics and Inheritance” and “Evolution”.

  • I need clarity on certain aspects of the information in your publications and the Life Sciences curriculum. Can I contact you for help on these specific questions?
  • Yes. Write out your question/s in the section “Your Questions” on this web-site and we will gladly provide whatever assistance we can.